Mom Takes Disabled Husband To Olive Garden But Stranger Leaves Rude Note About Their Looks.

It was not a pleasant sight for Kionna, her husband and their 8 year old daughter when they came out from Olive Garden restaurant in Okalahoma City. They had just done with their meal and got to their car in the parking lot when Kionna received a disgusting dose of unkindness.

Somebody had placed a note on a piece of yellow paper on the car windshield with a painful and foolish note.

The unkind note recites, “Disabled? No. Just your big fat asses”

The note reflects that the stranger not only accused the family for inappropriately using a disabled parking spot but also left a offensive remark about the way they seen.

Kionna and her husband tried to fast put-down the note off the windshield before their daughter could read it, but then it was too late. The 8 year girl was failed to understand and asked them why a complete unfamiliar person would leave them such an awful note.

But what the rude and ignorant stranger who wrote the note didn’t care to know that Kionna’s husband, Dusty has a medical condition that he has fought with his whole life.

Kionna took the Facebook to say thank you to the unknown person who left the note instead of reacting in anger.

She wrote that the wrong and uninformed effort to disgrace her and her family provided a chance to teach their 8 year old daughter a moral.

The little girl asks Kionna that why someone who is not known to us would do such a bad thing to us. This coming from a child whose father will never get to walk her down the aisle for the reason that he is in fact disabled.

Kionna and her husband clarified to their daughter that certain individuals just have hatred in their minds. Moreover they explained that how our activities can intensely distress others around us and how she should always be mindful of others emotions.

Kionna said that ironically the stranger didn’t know that her husband has Muscular Dystrophy and has struggled with it his whole life.

People didn’t know that even though Dusty’s doctors advised him to go into a wheelchair long time back but he denied and instead remained on his feet till he finally fell for the last time and blowing out both knees and breaking an ankle.

Kionna said that people didn’t recognize that they have spent the last 2 years learning to change to a life in which her husband can’t even stand up to get in and out of a car. They have no clue that her husband already lives in endless pain and that their cruel words would only add to his pain. They didn’t know the reason that he has a tummy just because there is no stomach muscles left to hold everything in tight.

She further wrote that people didn’t know that our 8 year old is unable to understand that why her daddy can’t run and play with her the way other daddies do. And just because they didn’t know, they allowed the hatred in their minds to get the better of them.   

Kionna wrote further that stranger’s unawareness who wrote the note has delivered a great opportunity for her and her husband to not only impart their daughter a valuable experience but given another opportunity for them to overcome and to be appreciative for the blessings that continue to come their way. 

Kionna hopes that her Facebook post that went viral, will reach to the person who left the note. She wishes each person to know that there are people out there like her husband whose pain and struggle with their life is not always seen to others.

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