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Mom Tells Teen Son She Sold Fallen Marine Dad’s Car, But Secretly Gets It Restored For Him.

Marine Sgt. Nick Walsh adored his 1991 Ford Bronco and pledged to hand it on to his kid one day. Those hopes, however, seem to have been dashed.

Sgt. Walsh was murdered by sniper fire while on deployment in Iraq in 2007. He was just 26 years old. Triston, his son, was just four years old at the time.

Though Triston’s mother retained the automobile, it continued to deteriorate over time. Julie ultimately went on Facebook to describe the problem and seek guidance. Should she keep the automobile, understanding how much it mattered to Triston and his late father, even if it was completely unusable?

The community took notice, and it wasn’t long before local companies, technicians, and dealerships pitched in to repair the Bronco free of charge.

Triston, who was approaching his sixteenth birthday, had no idea what was in store for him. In reality, his mother informed him that she had sold the Bronco because it was such a clunker and intended to use the proceeds to get him a better automobile—one that really worked.

However, the kid, who had set such high expectations and really wanted to drive his father’s automobile, was so furious and upset that he avoided speaking to his mother for about two weeks! He understood that owning this automobile would bring him closer to his dad, a fallen soldier who died much too young.

Watch as Triston’s mother invites him to the auto dealership under false pretenses—and then the curtain lifts to show his actual birthday surprise.

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