“Mom Mad That She Was Wrong About Me Being A 14 Year Old Pregnant Girl”

In every regard, the mother-daughter relationship is unique. The impact of a mother’s words and acts may reverberate powerfully throughout our lives. However not all daughters are lucky to experience a mother’s love in spite of having a mother. Read this story to know how this daughter who was in terrible pain was treated by her mom.

Source: Reddit

My mom was never a good mother. I ran away at 13 to live with my dad. Found out I have a medical condition, a tilted uterus (look it up if you’re curious). It never caused me issues so I never paid the news any mind.

Fast forward a few months, I’m 14 now. Home at my dads alone, suddenly I collapse in agonizing pain. I’ll try to describe the pain. My back felt like someone had a hold of my lower spine and was trying to pull it from my body (think Predator), while simultaneously twisting a knife in my stomach. All I could do was crawl my way to my bed and cry. Dad and GF came home to hear me screaming. He asked what was wrong, I tried to act tough. Oh it’s nothing, just my period. I’ll be fine ECT. GF told him that’s not normal and I needed to go to the hospital. Being the manly man he is, didn’t want to handle lady problems, called my mom to take me.

Main story: Mom shows up pissed but remains outwardly calm until I get in the car and pull away. Instantly starts telling me that I’m probably having a miscarriage. That’s what I get for being a sl*t and getting pregnant at 14. I, between sobbing and screaming in pain, try to explain what the Dr told me. She of course calls me a liar and to shut up. Got to the ER, signed in, explaining her theory to the nurse. Finished and told to go wait. While in the waiting room she never said a word to me, just glared. Nurse calls me in and tells her to wait until the exam is done. Not happy about this but not willing to argue with the nurse she sit. 

Exam finishes, she’s called in. Dr explains everything I had tried to and follows up with she’s definitely not pregnant. It’s just a bad month and it will pass in a day or 2. He can give me something for the pain. Mom denied that offer. I was sent home just to wait it out with instructions to take it easy. Get in the car, still crying, no words from her. Very tense. I admit, knowing my mom, that this next sentence was a mistake. But in my delirious state I just wanted my mom’s comfort, for her not to be mad at me as I did nothing wrong.

I said “I told you I wasn’t lying”. Instantly pulls over the car, simply but very angrily says “Get out of my car now”. She left me there to get myself home. No cell, no money, in crippling pain. I managed to walk a few blocks very slowly, the last few I literally (I really wish I was exaggerating) crawled back to my dads. Finally getting home, GF found me and helped me up to my bed. Got me Tylenol, hot water bottle ECT. I told them what my mom did. GF is stunned and dad just shakes his dad in disgust at his ex’s actions. That was the last time I spoke to or seen my mom in 8 years. But she recently called me and asked for $15000 to pay for a medical emergency. I just disconnected the phone. 

I have enough savings to spare to give her the amount she wants. Will I be in the wrong for not helping my mother in time of need. 

What would you do in her situation? Any advice

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