Mom Thinks Her Daughter Should Support Her Financially As She Did For Her As A Child, The Internet Disagrees.

A tight and strong link with one’s family is something to be treasured because it is not something that everyone is blessed with. Parents frequently feel comfortable believing that they raised their kids to be excellent individuals who will look after them when they need it later in life. While some parents are grateful and delighted for their children’s contributions when times are rough, others want complete care from their children, feeling that now is the moment when they pay back for being taken care of when they were helpless tiny children. Read the story to know what happened between this mother daughter and share your views on this.

Source: Reddit

I had a conversation with my mom. My mom told me that children should take up all the responsibility of their parents when they start earning (including all expenses) Even if the parents are already well off And if they Don’t do that… They are ungrateful Coz parents spend money raising them

I told her….i Don’t think parents should have children so can be their “retirement plans” If a child wants to do something nice for Parents that’s great bt they shouldn’t force them or guilt trap them if parents do not have any financial problems

She just calls me ungrateful, spoiled and that she wasted all the money raising me. I’m just saying all this because I’m selfish and Don’t wanna pay(for food, clothes, medicine etc) her back.  What are your opinions? Did I over react? 

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