Mom With Alopecia Weighs In On Divisive Chris Rock Slapping.

A proud mother who suffers from Alopecia has claimed that she comprehends Will Smith’s furious response to Chris Rock’s ‘G.I. Jane’ joke about Jada’s bald head at the Oscars. 

Katrina Hoult, 39, has been the target of several nasty jokes of a similar nature and would not hesitate to protect her daughter, who also suffers from the sickness. But the Australian mother would never resort to violence, which is where she feels Smith went too far in defending his wife.

She said on Instagram that she would protect her Alopecia daughter at any time and in any location without a second thought and with words that would make them think twice about doing it again 

She further added that she is here to teach her and us that we can be and are gorgeous without hair. The mother stated that just because you call your nasty insults “a joke” doesn’t mean they aren’t hurting, and that laughing at someone’s appearance is never appropriate. 

She asked ‘You wouldn’t criticise somebody for being in a wheelchair or fighting cancer – how is alopecia any different?’ 

When Rock made the offensive remark about her lack of hair, Pinkett-Smith merely rolled her eyes in disgust. 

Mrs. Hoult feels Smith should have seized the microphone and launched a verbal assault on his fellow comic. 

‘Couldn’t he have seized the mic and said, ‘Hold on a minute, Chris.’ What you said was totally improper and insulting. Everyone here realizes my wife has alopecia, and she recently showed us that you can be bald and yet be feminine and gorgeous,’ she expressed. 

The mother of two was seven years old when she began to lose her hair; what began as a smooth area ‘about the size of a 20-cent piece’ quickly progressed to complete baldness. 

She added that she had been a joyful eight-year-old girl with shoulder-length strawberry blonde hair, and then she had anything. It was harrowing. 

Her little girl was ten when she discovered her first patch, and she presently has hair loss on 70% of her head. The illness has also affected the hair on the mother’s face and eyes at various periods throughout her life. 

Instead of allowing the sickness to control her life and undermine her self-esteem, she has chosen to be a good example for her kids. In Instagram pictures, the mother confesses that her daughter little girl’s diagnosis inspired her to reclaim control of the sickness that had caused her to grow up feeling uncomfortable and alienated from others. 

She commented on one of her Instagram posts about how she feels after she shaves: liberated, strong, in command, great, and feminine. Being in control and selecting when to shave her awful hair feels amazing. 

While the mother tries to be strong for her kid, she is not afraid to share her worst moments online, and recently this month she posted a heartbreaking video that says enough is enough; it is unacceptable to bully someone because they are different. Educate your kids that being different is normal, and that everyone should be treated equally. 

Alopecia is difficult enough without being harassed over it. Stop it before another lovely innocent life is taken far too young, she added. Mrs. Hoult’s ten-year-old son has the condition as well, although his patches appear to be shrinking with time. 

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