Mom Wonders If She’s A Jerk For Wearing Jeans To Daughter’s Wedding To Prove A Point, Gets A Reality Check Online.

Some days are larger than life. They require that we put our egos aside and just sucking it up. In this story rather than celebrating her daughter’s wedding, this mom intended to retaliate for all the times she was disrespectful to her with her dress. Read the story to know what happened in this wedding and what would you do in such a situation.

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My (52F) daughter (24F) has always been a sloppy dresser. She has never dressed up well when we go to nice restaurants or family parties, and only wore dresses or nicer coats instead of her usual outfit consisting of hoodies and jeans when we asked her several times. I have always found her constant failure to dress nicely for us selfish, yet she refuses to see it as we do and does not see the issue with her behavior.

When she was 17, we had gone to a restaurant for my birthday and she had worn jeans, a T-shirt and a long jacket that she had only worn when she was asked to. The next day, she dressed up in a skirt and sweater and overall, a much nicer and more appropriate outfit to see her boyfriend without being asked to, and I was upset that she’d extend this courtesy to her boyfriend but not me. I had told her off for it before she left but she was confused and did not see how selfish she had been.

Last week, she married the same boy and I had decided to let her see what it felt like to be seen as less of a priority on an occasion that is important to her, so without telling her I arrived at her wedding in jeans and a blouse instead of my prepared outfit. However, at the wedding I was shocked to see that my daughter did not seem to take issue with this. She did not comment on my attire once throughout the day and has still been in the same level of contact with me yet has not mentioned or seemed to have cared. My husband, however, is angry at me, as he had tried to discourage me from swapping my outfit to a casual one and now is telling me that I had embarrassed him with my attire and that as mother of the bride I should have been more considerate of how it made him look to stand next to me. I, however, thought he had agreed with me that our daughter’s behavior was selfish and that this is nothing compared to the years of her refusing to put in the effort to dress nicely for us.

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