Mom’s Boyfriend Interrupts Family Photo Shoot To Tell Her Daughter He Adopted Her.

A father daughter bond is always sweet and special. Biological or not, the father daughter relationship is one of the most loving relationships.

Tim Bobbitt met his girlfriend Annie’s daughter Kylee and got along really well. Kylee welcomed him wholeheartedly and in no time these two were like best friends.

As Tim and Annie became close he started becoming a father figure to Kylee. On the marriage day of Tim and Annie, Kylee surprised him with a letter at the altar asking him to adopt her.

The answer was a big yes from Tim and after the wedding he started doing the paper work. Everything fell in place after months of legal paperwork. Tim wanted to share this amazing news to Kylee in a special way.

He faked a family photoshoot and captured the precious moment by reading a letter and bought a ring for his daughter Kylee.

Watch and share the emotional video of the father daughter’s priceless moment.

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