Mom’s Perfect Response To Her Mother In Law Who Body Shamed Her 16Yr Old Daughter Before And After She Lost Weight.

About 6 months ago my 16 year old daughter weighed 200 pounds. She was dealing with depression from getting bullied at school and it just kind of came on. She has NEVER looked liked she weighed as much as she did, which is why it didn’t really bother her too much I guess. But my husband’s mom looked at her one day at a cookout and said “Wow the weight really piles on in high school, huh?” and just kept making comments about my daughters body. She constantly asks her about her virginity and whatnot and just always make disgusting comments. But that was like an all time low for her.

So I hashed it out with her and immediately my daughter started working on losing weight. Over the course of 6 months she lost 40 pounds. Well my mother-in-law decided to stop over today with Mayday baskets and she looked at my daughter and said “Oh you’re looking so skinny. Are you like starving yourself? I can see your bones. Your butt looks tiny now” and laughed at her and my daughter immediately just went to her bedroom and cried.

This b**ch had the audacity to bully my daughter into losing weight, and then make fun of the way she did lose it. I am speechless because I don’t even know what to say at first. My daughter worked so hard to get to a place that she was happy with her body and it just destroyed it.

My daughters self esteem has hit rock bottom. Finally I Told Her To Leave.

Source: Reddit

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