Moneyed Friend Quietly Bails, Knowing That Pals Who Over-Ordered Will Expect Them To Split The Restaurant Bill.

A person with a good job and disposable income often treats their friends to meals, but during a recent dinner this happens

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I was lucky enough to get a great job after I graduated. I make pretty good money, and my job is challenging but fun.

Some of my friends didn’t bother with college and some who did go chose less lucrative fields.

I’m not rich or anything. I’m not buying a Porsche any time soon. I just have a good salary and very few bills since I still live at home.

I got a very nice hiring bonus when I was recruited, and I took my friends out for what I made clear was a one-time celebration.

Every once in a while, I get together with my friends and go to a restaurant. We usually end up splitting the bill. I don’t drink a lot, so I might have a beer with my meal, but that’s it. I know they don’t all have disposable income like I do, so I usually also cover the tip. They tend to go overboard. One girl orders five or six drinks over the course of the meal. And she will order appetizers “for the table.” I never eat the appetizers because they are almost always deep-fried, and I tend to avoid that stuff. It is also common for one of us to leave and just cash app or leave money for the bill.

Last Saturday, we went out to a nice Mexican place. The food was excellent, and my margarita was delicious. That girl brought her girlfriend, and a couple of the guys brought their girlfriends.

I mentioned that I had to have an early night. After we finished eating, I hung around until everyone started ordering more drinks, desserts, and other stuff. And I’m not joking here one girl ordered a to-go meal for her roommate.

I excused myself and went to the bathroom. Afterwards, I paid my bill at the front of the house and bailed.

I started getting texts about 45 minutes later. The bill came, and they wanted to split it. I told them I had already paid and had to leave. My bill was $55 including tip. The three guys and the girl were going to split the remaining $640. They wanted to split their guests’ bill as well. The other guy, who didn’t invite anyone, was saying it wasn’t fair for him to split the bill when I didn’t. I said that I had paid my food bill and I wasn’t going to give more.

They ended up each paying their own bill, and one guy ended up paying for his, his date’s, and her roommate’s food. He is especially salty about the situation.

The other single guy also ended up just paying for his own stuff, and he is also in their bad books.

I feel bad for leaving without saying goodbye, but if I had stuck around, I would be subsidizing food for strangers.


I’m sorry if I offended anyone with the term “Irish exit.” I didn’t know it was an insult.

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