More victims’ families join $100M lawsuit against Uvalde gunman’s estate

The dad of a 10-year-old child murdered in the horrific shooting, as well as the family of a deceased Uvalde teacher whose husband died of a heart attack days later, have joined the $100 million case against the gunman’s estate.

Injury lawyer Thomas Henry, who filed a case against 18-year-old gunman Salvador Ramos’ estate on account of four parents whose kids were wounded in the May 24 tragedy, announced on Thursday that two additional families had joined in the action.

The families of Robb Elementary School teacher Irma Garcia, 48, whose husband, Joe, died of a heart attack days later, and Jose Flores Jr., 10, were among the 21 individuals slain by Ramos before he was killed in a confrontation with police.

According to Henry, the lawsuit would also seek to make the school district, law enforcement, social media platforms, and gun and ammunition manufacturers responsible for the massacre.

Henry explained that they are delivering a message to our country that this cannot continue. There will be repercussions. This lawsuit will focus on the defects and errors that resulted in this awful loss of life.

Adriana Reyes, Ramos’ mother, is included as a prospective defendant in the complaint since the gunman, who was murdered by police officers, does not yet have legal representation over his estate.

Christopher Salinas, dad of Samuel, 10, Oscar Orona, dad of Noah, 10, Cristina Olivarez, and Angelica Rodriguez, mom of Leann, were also there. Their kids were hospitalized after Ramos shot them during the May 24 atrocity, which also seriously wounded 17 others.

According to the complaint, each of these youngsters has received substantial medical attention. Some have had repeated procedures. They have all sustained serious bodily wounds as well as unbelievable psychological trauma. They saw their classmates and instructors murdered and killed in front of them.

Ramos is accused of assault and battery with a lethal weapon, as well as deliberate cause of psychological anguish and malice, by the plaintiffs. The family is also requesting a jury trial.

Henry stated that the family will investigate legal options against ‘all responsible parties for potential constitutional rights violations, gun law violations, and breaches of laws, regulations, and procedures relevant to school safety.’

This might involve legal proceedings against local law police, who waited almost an hour before entering the school after mistakenly assuming Ramos had ceased his attack and was locked in a classroom when they arrived.

The Uvalde Consolidated Independent School District may possibly face a lawsuit when detectives discovered that Ramos entered the school through an unlocked rear entrance.

Henry recently addressed numerous victims of the November 2017 Sutherland Springs First Baptist Church shooting in a claim against the federal government, obtaining $230 million for his clients in a situation that the Department of Justice has appealed.

The Texas lawyer stated that both the Uvalde and Sutherland Springs cases would be beneficial in forcing politicians to approve gun reform legislation in order to reduce the number of fatal shootings.

Henry stated that as the discussion continues, they will see an impact on future legislation, notably on age limitations on purchasing firearms. In his opinion, it should be placed around 26.

After the dad of one of the victims stated earlier this week that he had appointed the lawyers that assisted families from the Sandy Hook school tragedy sue a gun manufacturer for $73 million, the case might be the first of many.

Alfred Garza, who lost his little girl Amerie, has recruited attorneys from the Connecticut company Koskoff, Koskoff & Bieder to defend him in a case against Daniel Defense, the makers of the firearms Ramos used in the massacre last month.

They sued Remington, the manufacturer of the gun used in the Sandy Hook school tragedy in 2012, and won a record $73 million compensation for their clients.

Garza expressed, they have to honour her and do the right thing. From now on, he wants to spend his life for his daughter. Garza added in a statement that his aim for being here today is to honour Amerie Jo’s memory. She would want him to do all in his power to ensure that this never happens to another kid. He has to fight her battle.

Daniel Defense has stated that they are praying for the families of Uvalde. They ought to follow up their prayers with genuine action, said attorney Josh Koskoff.

If they truly want to help these families, they will share details that Mr. Garza has asked without delay or justification. In any case, they shall conduct a comprehensive inquiry, investigating every possibility.

Koskoff attorneys lodged a plea last Friday requesting any correspondence between Daniel Defense and Ramos before to his attack.

They have also demanded marketing documents from the Georgia-based weapons manufacturer, namely those aimed towards kids and teenagers.

The petition letter is a forerunner to a lawsuit that might attempt to hold the gun manufacturer accountable despite federal rules that shield gun manufacturers.

Daniel Defense posted on its website, they are profoundly pained by the latest awful events in Texas. Their hearts and prayers go out to the families and communities affected by this heinous act. They will assist any federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies in their investigations.

Emilia Marin, a teacher who escaped the shooting at Robb Elementary in Uvalde, has also petitioned Daniel Defense for details.

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