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Morgan Freeman wears black glove to the Oscars, 15 yrs after car accident that paralyzed his hand.

Brendan Fraser, Jamie Lee Curtis, Michelle Yeoh, and Ke Huy Quan all won prizes for their performances in Everything, Everywhere, All At Once.

Among the pomp, splendor, and awards, there was a moment featuring Morgan Freeman that many at the 95th Academy Awards may have missed. Thankfully, there were a few observant admirers who saw it and responded in droves on social media.

Freeman ascended the stage with actress Margot Robbie to commemorate Warner Brothers’ 100th anniversary; however, he did so while wearing an elbow-length black glove on his left hand. As it turns out, the reason behind that particular clothing choice was rather painful…

Morgan Freeman is one of the most famous and iconic performers of his time. As a result, when he appeared on stage at this year’s Oscars ceremony last night, viewers were perplexed by the fact that he was wearing a black glove. Maybe it’s a matter of taste? Is it a tribute to a prior role he’s played?

Actually, there is, in fact, a somewhat more gloomy reason.

Freeman, 85, has been obliged to wear the glove since 2008, when he was injured in a major vehicle accident in Mississippi, according to sources.

The Se7en star was traveling home late one night when his vehicle went off the road and flipped multiple times before coming to a halt in a ditch.

Paramedics arrived quickly but had to use hydraulic cutters to release the actor from his car. Freeman was believed to have remained aware throughout the incident, cracking jokes with his rescuers.

But, the 71-year-old actor’s wounds were severe enough that he had to be airlifted to a Memphis hospital more than 100 miles away from the site of the accident.

Freeman was treated for many fractured bones and had to have his left arm reset during a four-hour operation.

Regrettably, the actor suffered lasting nerve damage and severe shoulder discomfort as a result of the event. After the injury, Freeman was unable to move his leg correctly, leading it to enlarge and necessitating the use of a compression glove to control the symptoms.

Freeman told reporters in 2010—two years after the tragedy, that he had never completely healed from his injuries.

I had no idea of Morgan Freeman’s awful vehicle accident, much less the damage he still has today!

Having said that, he’s one of my favorite actors of all time. His voice is enough to lift my spirits, no matter how down I am. So, how about you? Do you like Morgan Freeman? If so, please leave a comment to let us know.

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