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Mother And Her Toddler Both Diagnosed With Cancer At The Same Time. ‘She’s So Strong’

London Wilson, 17 months old, is back at the Aflac Cancer Center at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta at Scottish Rite, dressed in chunky pearls and pink and white stripes, for a checkup that may be a huge deal.

Heather Wilson, her mom, is plainly worried.

She admits that she is really nervous.

London was sedated earlier this morning for an MRI and a CT scan.

Heather Wilson adds that she has just been praying and praying and praying.

The family is nervous as they will find out if four months of intensive chemotherapy were effective in treating London’s pelvic cancer.

 Heather adds that just have this overwhelming sense her child will be fine.

But nothing has been “right” for this 32-year-old Covington, Georgia, mom of three since last June, when her life abruptly altered direction.

All of a sudden, she started experiencing seizures, Wilson recalls.

Doctors discovered a brain tumor after she was hurried to her local emergency room, and Heather Wilson became a patient at Emory’s Winship Cancer Institute, where she underwent weeks of radiation and months of chemotherapy.

She recently finished her sixth round of chemotherapy, Wilson explains. She has shed a significant amount of weight and is constantly drowsy. It’s simply a fight.

Heather is aware that due to the nature of her disease, she may not be able to win this fight.

Her’s is terrifying and she is broken, Wilson adds. So she looks at her and wonders, ‘Is this going to be the end of her?’ She  simply desires to stay for her child London long enough for her to remember her mom.

Another issue arose while Heather continued her cancer therapy.

Blood was discovered in London’s diaper.

They eventually received a diagnosis after taking her from doctor to doctor.

Her youngest kid was diagnosed with germ cell carcinoma in her pelvis.

She practically fell to her knees, Heather Wilson says.

Both mom and daughter were battling for their lives at this point.

Heather’s sister, Brandi Witiw, adds, it was truly terrible. It’s difficult to speak about.

That is why this appointment at the AFLAC Cancer Center is so important.

Dr. Bradley George, a pediatric oncologist, gets right to the point.

Dr. George informs Heathernthat there is a wonderful news.  It’s no longer there. He is  not seeing anything.

There will be no more chemo, surgery, or radiation. Dr. George claims that London has been “healed.”

Heather says as she wraps her arms around her daughter that she is  overjoyed, sobbing and is pleased for her child.

Brandi Witiw is relieved that her niece is cancer-free after only a few days.

Nothing could stop her, Witiw claims. Cancer did not deter her. And she defeated it; it’s no longer there.

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