Mother attributes her amazing glow-up change to her divorce.

A divorced mother attributes her miraculous change to getting divorced and joining Tinder.

Emma Sheppard, 42, of Blackpool, divorced her husband after 18 years in 2020, leaving her feeling “valueless.”

She claims that her hectic life as a wife had left her dissatisfied with herself and her appearance.

Emma, on the other hand, claims she is ‘walking on air’ now that she has turned her life around after two years.

The mother of two joined a gym and gave up junk food in favor of eating nutritious meals she prepared at home.

She also got glammed up and started going out again, as well as creating an account on Tinder.

Emma claims she’s had a lot of interest since then, including from a man who claimed to have been on Love Island.

She feels incredible, and it’s as if beauty emanates from within. It’s like though one is walking on air.

Before, she’d always worked hard and looked after everyone else. However, once they split up, she realized it was her turn.

Even though she appeared old and worn out, she is currently having her best life. She is happy and has undergone significant change.

Emma married at the age of 22 in 2000, saying, she married for life. It was just him, the girls, and his job. She thought she had it all figured out, she remarked.

However, the relationship began to deteriorate some years ago, and her spouse left in January 2021, and the divorce was finalized in October of that year.

It was terrible after he went; it broke her. She was getting anxiety attacks because she felt useless, she revealed.

She felt so alienated and lacked confidence in herself. She was simply getting by, working to pay the bills and getting by.

She realized one day when she awoke that she come from a line of powerful women, she is free, and she can make a difference in her life.

She realized she is capable of so much more. It seemed as though there was a power watching over her.

Emma said she was depressed at first, but after hearing Katy Perry’s Roar, she decided to go on.

She began by revamping her clothing, swapping out her typical black pants and flats for skirts, heels, and brightly colored jackets and coats.

She also began wearing red lipstick for the first time and reduced her daily smoking habit from 20 to four cigarettes.

The non-drinker also worked two evenings a week at a cocktail bar and began going to the gym five times a week for weights and cardio.

Emma also claims to have changed her eating habits, substituting chicken spaghetti and homemade bolognese for egg and chips and bacon sandwiches.

Everything about her has changed totally.

People remark she looks amazing in comparison to before, and she thinks it’s because she is so happy on the inside.

The strangest thing is that she thought she was happy when they were married.

She realizes now that she was emotionally distant at the time because she was so concerned with looking after everyone.

She just smiles all the time now. And this is only the start according to her.

Emma has not yet found a new spouse, but she is seeking for love on Tinder.

It was amusing getting hit on by that Love Island man, she remarked. She didn’t recognize him at first, but she thought to herself, ‘That’s my type on paper.’

She figured it out when they were talking on Snapchat and she saw footage of him. He kept emailing her about how gorgeous she was and how she didn’t seem 42.

It was incredibly flattering, astonishing, and humorous.

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