Mother Didn’t Expect The Truckers To React In Such A Way.

In Queensland, Lisa Welch’s son, Jorge, had his 10th birthday coming up, and she really wanted him to have a nice one. But Jorge was born with cortical dysplasia, which limits brain functions to that of an 18-month-old child. What would really make him happy, she thought, was if a trucker could bring out his big rig on his birthday.

Jorge seemed to be really happy when he could see one of those big rigs on the road. So Lisa posted about Jorge on Facebook, and asked if anyone had time, could they stop by for just a few minutes to make her son happy.

When Jorge’s birthday came, a trucker brought his big rig by… and then another did… and another. It wasn’t long before Lisa’s property was FILLED with truckers in their rigs.

They let Jorge and his mom inside their rigs. They took them for rides. And they all smiled with each other, and shed some tears. By the end of the day, more than 200 truckers had responded to Lisa’s birthday request for her son. And it’s one birthday gift that neither Jorge, nor his mom, will soon forget. 

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