Mother Freaks Out After Finding Out How Much Her Childfree Cousin Spent On A Vacation, Calls Her ‘Disgusting’

Our love for our family keeps us grounded. It boosts our self-esteem and confidence, brings stability to our lives, and helps us comprehend social relationships better. But, in this story a woman wishes she could spend time with her family, she can’t. At least not right now. The 26-year-old described a recent fight with her cousin and who do you think is right?

Source: Reddit

I spent a lot of money on an all inclusive luxury 10 day vacation to Grenada. We have a small villa with a butler, a private pool and hot tub. It’s for my husband’s 28th birthday and I spent over a year waiting for it and we leave in two weeks. Anyway, my breeder cousin (26f like me, with 2 kids by her loser high-school boyfriend) called me “absolutely disgusting spending that much on a trip” and “you’ve changed since the book and movie deals…you’re not the girl I used to know.”

Mind you I only told her this because she asked me to watch her kids and I told her I’d be out of town. She asked where and I told her, then SHE asked how much that would cost and freaked when I told her. She said she could feed her kids for months with that kind of money. I told her I understand that but I made the decision not to have kids and to save my money wisely on a daily basis so I can afford to take extremely nice vacations twice a year.

I’m so tired of no one in my family being happy for me. Ever. Even though I don’t brag. They all have more kids than they can afford and little to no disposable income as a result, even the high earning ones.

So please childfree let me brag for just once.

I bought myself a 4 bedroom new construction home, with no help from anyone. And I’m going to Jamaica in Jan for 2 weeks and am dropping 14k on that. So I guess I’m going straight to hell 🤷🏽‍♀️

No one is happy for you when you’re 26, high earning, happily in love and child free. 🙁

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