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Mother Furious After Southwest Airlines Employee Publicly Makes Fun Of Her 5-Yr-Old Daughter’s Name.

It can be difficult to have a non-traditional name, particularly for young kids who are especially vulnerable to bullying.

When one little girl was getting ready to board a flight in Southern California, she witnessed this firsthand. The five-year-old Texas girl was with her mom at John Wayne Airport in Orange County when Southwest Airlines staff made fun of her odd surname.

Traci Redford, Abcde Redford’s mom, shared what transpired at the boarding area. When the agent saw the little girl’s name, she burst out laughing and pointed to Abcde and her mom, joking with her coworkers. Traci stated that her daughter’s name is pronounced “Ab-city,” however the staff plainly felt it was amusing since it comprises the first five letters of the alphabet.

The gate agent not only laughed with her coworkers at the name, but she also took a picture of the boarding permit and posted it on her social media account. The boarding permit also displayed Abcde’s full last name, removing any anonymity from the circumstance.

Traci was naturally enraged by this interaction. She took it upon herself to chastise the gate agent for laughing at her daughter, emphasizing that the youngster could hear everything that was going on.

While it is unclear whether the disrespectful worker is still employed by Southwest Airlines, the corporation did apologize for the name-calling.

After you’ve seen the article, make sure to share it with everyone you know. The anecdote serves as a wonderful lesson to be constantly kind to others and to think twice before mocking someone.

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