Mother Handles Perfectly When She Unknowingly Takes Her Kids To Fancy Car Rally.

Source: Facebook

OMG YOU GUYS. Let me tell you how my day is going.

This morning, a Facebook friend shared an event post for a “car cruise” lining up at the school, just to drive around town and have some fun…. “everyone is welcome”. Since being cooped up with five kids under the age of ten, can be a little, claustrophobic, I went ahead and hit the “Interested” button.

So, I pile three of the kids into the car, leaving the oldest and youngest at home, and hopefully give Scott a little peace and quiet, and we head over to the elementary school, where the event post said to line up.

I can see a bunch of cars parked in the U shaped parking lot, so I hang a right and pull in, some one in front of me, someone behind me… In other words, now I’m committed to this situation.

It’s then that I notice that EVERY.SINGLE. CAR. THERE is either some sort of hotrod muscle car, vintage, or really super fancy. In other words, I have just signed myself up to participate in a Car Rally in my Basic Soccer Mom Chrysler Town and Country 😬😬😬

So, like any other normal person, I awkwardly pulled into a parking spot (so as to appear that I totally meant to be there) and spent the next ten mintues until the “parade” started avoiding eye contact with anyone, plotting my escape.

Of course, the kids were super excited and adorably ignorant that “one of these cars doesn’t belong here” and I didn’t have the heart to tell them they weren’t going to be in a parade after all, so I put on my Big Girl Pants, held my head high, and the kids and I spent the next hour driving through our small town, smiling, waving and laughing at faces that smiled, waved and laughed right back (and no doubt wondered why my swagger wagon was keeping this kind of company).

So if your day isn’t going great, just remember at least you didn’t accidentally join a Classic Car Road Rally in a minivan.

PS: Did I mention that the kids were dressed up in Halloween costumes? 😂😂😂

Hope it made you a laugh… feel free to share!

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