Mother In Tears Seeing Her Son’s Love For His Sister.

Story by Tara McCallan

Actions my friends, I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again. Make the greatest impact.

I could tell my boys over & over to treat others well. I could preach kindness all day long. And I could try to teach them empathy & compassion with words.

But, it’s in the day to day that they see what I need them to learn. It’s in being their living example, of how to care for someone else, that I hope sticks close to their hearts.

Last night Pip crawled into bed with me. She seemed a bit off, which obviously always has me worried. This morning, I woke to her puking all over the pillow. Her pump had stopped giving her insulin & she had extremely high blood sugar. Which made her very sick. My husband & I just jump into go-mode as we know the drill. But, all morning she unfortunately kept at er.

My oldest son took the 1st photo on his school computer, without me knowing as he was walking up the stairs to go to class. Later this morning, he came over, wrapped his awkward-9-yr-old arms around me, kissed my head as he showed me the photo & said, “You’re such a good mom.”

And while it’s lovely of course, that he thinks that. It’s the why he thinks I am, that’s important. It’s the him seeing me care for someone in need. It’s the him seeing me get puked on myself, because his sister didn’t make it to the bathroom. It’s the him seeing me squat for longer than these legs should, to hold his little sister’s hair back. It’s the him & then a few hours later his younger brother seeing the example in action.

And hopefully as this picture of my youngest son, which brings me to absolute tears, shows. By acting how I want them to be. By showing them how to care for someone else. By not hiding or sugar coating our situation. I hope they learn all they need…

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