Mother Never Thought Her Daughter Would Say This About Her At The Congregation.

Story by Colleen (Graham) Robertson

Several years ago our church held a mother-daughter Banquet in the church gymnasium (due to the large size of our congregation). All of the entertainment for this affair was well prepared. All who participated in the program were very talented. Women sharing songs, poems, skits, etc., each relating to the special relationship held between mother and daughter.

It was at the close of this banquet that our pastor’s wife made her request, “Is there anyone else that would like to come up and share something about their mother?”

She received no response to her request, however, I on the other hand was getting a gentle nudging by my ten year old daughter, Jillian. “Mom can I go up there? I have something to share.”

Now, let me remind you this is a very large congregation of women. All of the previous entertainment had been well planned and well rehearsed. Not to mention the fact that no children had participated in the program. As all these thoughts raced through my head and knowing only too well — kids say the darnedest things, “Aren’t you so sweet” I said. “But… this kind of thing is all planned ahead of time.” I explained.

“But Momma, I know exactly what I want to say” Jillian said sincerely.

“Oh, honey, I’m sure you do and I am honored” Expecting to leave it at that I gave her a big hug. “That’s a good enough Mother’s Day for me” I told her.

Good enough for me maybe, but apparently not good enough for Jillian. As before I knew it, my daughter had slipped away and asked if she could share something about her mother.

Well, I was shocked (to say the least!) when I saw my daughter approach the podium. Without a stutter or a stammer Jillian proceeded to share:

“I have the best mother in the world and I love her very much! She’s given up a lot for me. I have asthma and many nights my Mom has gone without sleep to care for me. She even quit her job to stay home and take care of me. A lot of times I’ve had to stay at the hospital for days but my Mom never left my side. She slept in a chair right by my bed. I just wanted to say to my Mom for Mother’s Day: ‘ I love you Mom, and I thank God for giving me the best mother in the world.’ “

As I wiped the tears from my face I looked around. I could see tears flowing throughout the gymnasium. I could also see that these mothers too were blessed as they shared this very special Mother’s Day moment with me. Kids do say the darnedest things.

This Mother’s Day memory holds a very special place in my heart. I guess much like my daughter, I want to share His blessings.

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