Mother Notices Her Children’s Cup In The Kitchen That Reminds Her Something Priceless.

Story by Holly Dignen

I realized something while staring at my drying rack. One day I won’t be washing sippy cups and water bottles anymore.

One day I will look over at what once was an overcrowded second drying rack for my children’s cups and see a couple of coffee mugs all by themselves.

The cups that I take apart piece by piece to thoroughly clean by hand. The cups that were once infant bottles, then baby sized sippy cups, now straw sippy cups for my toddler and full blown regular water bottles for my 7 year old.

The evolution of cups remind me how much my boys have grown. The fact that one day those cups will no longer exist in my home, reminds me of how priceless time with my children is to me.

Lately, I’ve been soaking in more and more of their essence, their personalities, and their littleness.

I’m obsessed with their mispronunciation of words. I’m always surprised and proud of their intellect and creativity. I’m overjoyed to watch each of my children conquer and surpass a challenge.

This Summer I watched my 7 year old learn how to swim. This Summer I heard my 2 year old speak in sentences. Everyday my boys are learning new skills and becoming more of who they are meant to be.

My heart is full knowing that they are content, healthy, and growing. Those sippy cups reminded me that one day I’ll await phone calls from my boys.

One day I’ll have visits that will feel like 1 million bucks.

One day there may be more sippy cups in our drying rack, but they won’t be our kids’ cups. Maybe, just maybe they will be our babies’ babies’ cups.

These cups are so much more than a just a cup, they’re a small reminder that reflect the stages of my boys’ growth.

Who knew I’d be so honored to wash a bunch of cups?

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