Mother Of 10 Boys Unexpectedly Dies After Giving Birth To Her First Daughter.

39 year old Sonya Harlow from Texas died less than two weeks after greeting her first daughter. Mother of 10, Sonya had prayed and dreamed of giving birth to a baby girl and imagined watching her grow alongside with the rest of her children.  

During her pregnancy, she experienced complications and also had high blood pressure, for the reason that of which she had to stop going to work. Meanwhile, her husband, Spencer worked to support the family and he could see just how much his wife was looking forward to having a daughter of her own.

Spencer said that Sonya had all boys before this and she prayed for a girl. They named their daughter Eliyanah that means ‘God has answered’.

Baby Eliyanah joined the family which included children that Sonya and Spencer had from their preceding relationships. Sonya was delighted to have finally given birth to a daughter and things seemed to be going fine until one night when Spencer woke up to find his wife in pain.

It was about 2 am and just 11 days after Eliyanah’s birth when Spencer started hearing Sonya making noises while their new-born was lying on her chest. Spencer promptly knew that something was wrong. He rolled over and could see she was dying. He did CPR on her until the paramedics arrived but she had flat-lined by then and it was too late.

The mother of 10 passed away leaving her husband and 10 children broken-hearted over the loss.

While speaking about her wife, Spencer said that she was such a good mother and wife. She was the loveliest woman that he has ever known and she was so vibrant and full of life. She was kind, caring and loving.  

Spencer, a disabled veteran who served in the 10th Mountain Division of the U.S. Army in Afghanistan, believes that his wife had a postpartum-related medical emergency but was waiting for post-mortem to confirm the cause of her sudden death.

A crowed funding page was set up for the family that says Sonya loved all her children the same and didn’t consider any of them stepchildren. They were her kids and she loved them with all she had. Her 10 children are now left without their mother while Spencer lost his beloved wife.

With the wife and mother’s unexpected death, the family could use any financial help they can get and donors were able to raise $41,765 for the family so far through the crowed funding page.

The page reads that since Sonya’s death was so unforeseen that there’s no life insurance or money set aside. Any money raised will be used towards funeral expenses and if there’s anything left over, it will be used to care for her children.

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