Mother Of Six Can Handle Everything But Not The Unwanted Judgement Of Strangers.

Story by Krechelle Carter

What did she just say ?!?!

Yes I have six kids under the age of six- and yes they are all from the same man; thanks so much for asking.

Having six children this young is a struggle! We struggle to get to the shops, we struggle out to dinner, with school runs and keeping the house clean; but, I mean, doesn’t everybody?

What I really struggle with are people’s unwanted opinions.

I’ve tried to not let it get to me, I’ve tried to ignore it and smile and keep walking but I’ve found the only way to deal with constant negative commenters is to give them what they really want to hear.

So here’s a few tips and tricks on how to answer when asked the typical questions Big families get.

Ill set the scene for you:

The husband and I are waiting for the shops to open with one trolley containing two kids, one pram with two kids and two running around in circles.

A smug lady in her forties comes over; “They are not all yours are they?!?!” She says with a smug disapproving look.

“Yep, sure are; born and bred from my uterus; surprisingly enough my pelvic floor is still fantastic – isn’t it babe (I look at Dave with a wink)”

“Do they all have the same father???!”

“Well we haven’t had them genetically tested but we’re fairly certain the first four are this guys (gestures to Dave)”

“Do you own a tv?”

“Actually we own three; however who would pass up mind blowing sex for tv; are you nuts ?”

Is this man your husband?

“No actually my husband’s at home, he deserves a rest- this is my lover- Fernando”

Your not having anymore are you?

“I mean my husband has had a vasectomy if that’s what your asking but Fernando, my lover, has not so I guess we’re just throwing it to the wind”

I could go on. But you get my gist.

It’s not okay to make someone feel like the amount of children they have is wrong or right. It’s actually no ones goddam business. Whether you have zero children or ten children. If they are happy and healthy and loved!!

We should all be supportive of one another; so many beautiful people out there support us and I would be lost without them

Daves at work so I’m going to spend the day hanging out with Fernando

Happy Friday y’all xx

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