Mother-Of-Six Tortured And Killed Her 3-Year-Old Son Before Dumping His Body In Freezer

This essay includes topics of child abuse that some readers may find upsetting.

In the death of her three-year-old son, a woman from Michigan has pleaded not guilty. Azuradee France, 31, of Detroit, is accused of torturing and murdering her son, Chase, then putting his body in a freezer. According to Detroit Police Chief James White, the kid’s body was discovered early Friday morning when officers went to the apartment to check on the inhabitants’ well-being. According to White, three police officers visited the residence and discovered Chase’s body “decomposing” in the basement freezer.

Officials do not know what caused the boy’s death or how long his body had been in the freezer. The medical examiner eventually deemed the child’s death a homicide. White explained, when they talked to the tenant of the residence, they noticed that there was something off about the dialogue and the manner this resident was talking with them. “The claimed facts in this case have surprised even the most jaded,” Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy said in a statement.

As per their information, France had “been attempting to push them away” from what was going on, but the officers thought further investigation was required. Five more of the mother’s kids were taken to the hospital for evaluation.

Toni Haynes, the three-year-old’s grandmother, has put up a GoFundMe to pay the costs of the boy’s burial and the survival of his siblings. Haynes penned that they want aid in preparing for the burial and providing clothing and shoes for Chase’s other five siblings. Due to the mom’s incarceration, they would also welcome anything other than money that may be donated to the kids.

The other children range in age from nine to three months. Following their evaluation, they were put in the custody of Child Protective Services. According to the prosecutor’s office, France is still in police custody and a hearing is scheduled for July 8. She has entered a not-guilty plea in the case.

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