Mother of Texas elementary school gunman is seen leaving her home

Salvador Ramos’ mom was pictured exiting her Texas house on Thursday, two days after her son killed 19 students and two instructors at a Uvalde primary school.

Adriana Reyes, who said she was ‘shocked’ by her son’s brutal killing rampage at Robb Elementary School, was observed departing home clutching her glasses and keys one day after attending church and sobbing.

On Wednesday, Fatima Abraham, a community leader at Heart Catholic Church, spotted a woman weeping in the seats.

Reyes disclosed her identity, and Abraham comforted her by holding her in her arms. She explained to the Texas Tribune that they were on her side, that not all here was against her. She has to understand that she is not to fault for this. She did not put the pistol in the hands of her kid.

Abraham went on to say that the church was “with her” since they must pray rather than condemning or assaulting.

She told reporters in Spanish it is not healthy for mankind to turn into hatred and bitterness.

Only a few hours after Abraham comforted Reyes, the church gathered scores of heartbroken Uvalde neighbors who came to pray following the killing.

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