Mother Refused To Take Care Of Teen Daughter’s Crying Baby.

For many young women to learn what motherhood is really like, some schools offer Early Childhood Education classes. And FOR those classes, young women are given toy babies to take care of, and those babies can do practically everything a real baby can.

Most students think it will be an easy grade, but many are in for a big surprise. Parenting, they’ll quickly find out, is not near as easy as it looks. Teenager Olivia Galloway brought home HER doll baby, and it’s name was William. And Olivia’s mom, Lawren, was really anxious to see how her daughter would fare with the task of parenting.

Olivia’s first night with young William really told the tale. At 3 a.m., Olivia, with tears streaming down her cheeks, woke her mother up. She begged her to help her because William was crying… and he kept crying, even though she was trying to “feed” him with his toy baby bottle… and she just wanted to get some sleep. Lawren chuckled at her daughter and said “No,” then turned back to her comfy pillow to resume her sleep.

Now Lawren wasn’t being cruel in the least bit. She was being real. Because as any real parent knows, you’re almost always on your own when it comes to taking care of your child. Your mom is typically not gonna be there to bail you out. So it was a valuable lesson learned for young Olivia, and one she can take with her when she actually becomes a real parent.

And, perhaps, some years down the road, when her OWN daughter comes to her with a toy baby at 3 in the morning just begging for some help, Olivia can work up a little smile, shrug off the request and get back to her nice, comfy pillow. 

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