Mother Refuses To Attend Grandson’s Birthday To Be There For Her Step-Daughter Event. Is She Right…

Birthday and wedding is a time to celebrate with family and friends. But what if both the occasions are celebrated on the same day? Read the story to know whether the mother was right in planning her daughter’s 1st birthday the day as her step sister’s wedding day. What would you do in this situation? Share your views on this.

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My mom remarried after my parents divorce and her new husband brought along my step sister. I lived with my dad mostly because I did not want anything to do with a new sibling and had pretty much no relationship with her and hated that my mom treated her like a daughter. I wasn’t the nicest to her but I felt like she was taking my place.

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Fast forward to now she is getting married. I wasn’t invited since we have no relationship. I didn’t invite her to mine either.

This issue is that I planned my daughters first birthday and when I told my mom she said it can’t be that day because it’s my Step sisters wedding and can we change it to the next weekend so people don’t have to choose which to go to.

I said no my step sisters wedding is at 8pm my daughters party is at 1pm people can do both but almost everyone on my moms sides rsvped no to her birthday party because of the wedding and travel. Even my own mother said she can’t make it because she will be at step sisters wedding and getting ready all day. I’m pissed how can she choose a step daughter over her own grandchild. Everyone is picking this girl who isn’t even really family over my daughter.

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My mom says to just change the party but I think it’s ridiculous they can’t do both and won’t change my schedule for my step sister. And my daughter will be the one I suffer when one of her family is at her first birthday party.

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