Mother Says “We Don’t Share Alcohol In This House!”

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This story takes place a few years back, when I came home from university for Christmas holidays to visit my family. I was of legal drinking age at the time as well.

To set the scene, it’s just my mom and I having dinner at the beginning of our time off. She pours herself a glass of wine from an average bottle. (I’m not a wine snob, but she is). I ask for a glass as well to go with dinner, she declines. Her exact words are “we don’t share alcohol in this house”.

Okay, not a problem, I didn’t know this rule, and as I’m not a heavy drinker, I didn’t see the issue with just having a glass out of her bottle.

So, I go on off to the liquor store to grab myself a bottle to drink over the next few days and low and behold, I find her favorite bottle of wine. It’s Burrowing Owls. The liquor store only has a case of it and limits the number of bottles you can buy. It’s a rare find and I lucked out. I buy the max, which is two, and hid one, while I bring the second inside.

By now, it’s evening, and after dinner. My mom is in the living room finishing her wine. I open the bottle and bring both the bottle and a glass to the living room. My mom eyes up the bottle and asks for a glass. I look her dead in the eyes and say “Sorry mom, we don’t share alcohol in this house!” She offers me two of her bottles for mine, says I won’t know the difference, but I stand firm, we don’t share alcohol in this house. So I force myself to finish the bottle in front of her while she sulks.

Christmas morning, after my family has opened up all our gifts, I come out with the second bottle as a gift to my mom. She shared it with me that night.

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