Mother Sends 14Yr Old Daughter In White Pants During Her Periods To School.

Parenting is not an easy task. Each parent has its own way of dealing with their children. Disciplining the kids is important. At times tough love is needed to correct the kids. Read the story to know what this mother did to teach her child about hygiene and do you agree with this kind of tough love?

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I have an autistic 14 year old who has terrible hygiene. I have to fight with her to get her to shower, brush her teeth, and clean up after herself during her period. It is disgusting. Blood everywhere and the constant washing of underwear. She sees no problem with her inability to clean herself up. I told her that people are going to bully her in school if she smells bad and that it is hard to recover from that socially and she ignored me.

Well, she had her period last week. I picked her clothing and allowed her to wear white pants. I wanted to see if she would clean up after herself so that the pants would be clean when she came back home. Before I even dropped her off the pants were red. I stayed silent. I dropped her off like normal. She needed to learn how these type of situations will impact her social life if she continues to live like a slob. She came home in tears. The kids were ruthless.

She was mocked for her strong smell and the red on her pants. It hurt me to see her like this but I was not seeing the changes that had to be made. For the rest of the week she took good care of herself. There were no stains, she showered herself, and would spray perfume to maintain a flowery scent. My husband and I fought about this though. He called me some very hurtful words because of my choice. He said I handled it poorly and that she will be paying for this for the rest of the school year. I see it as a life lesson. And it actually yields results unlike my husband’s soft approach. So Am I the A**hole for the way I taught my daughter a lesson?

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