Mother Sets An Ultimatum To Her Family After They Refuse To Help Her Do The Chores, Gets Slammed For This.

House chores are meant not just for the women in the house, instead can be shared with all members of the house so that the burden is not on a particular individual. Read the story to know what happened in this family and how you would deal with such a situation.

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So, I’m 36F. My husband is 38M and we have been together 14 years. Our kids are 15M, 14F and 11M. Up until about 2 years ago my kids all had chores that they did daily but of course with them getting older, it became more of a chore for myself when trying to get them to do anything to help me out so I stopped asking. So, that’s what makes me an AH, I think.

Anyways, my husband hardly ever lifts a finger when it comes to house work. He doesn’t cook, clean or even take the trash out anymore. He is used to it all the time.

So, I hit a breaking point one day when I came home after a weekend business trip with work to a completely shambles house. There were dirty dishes scattered and placed in various corners of my home, trash wasn’t taken out, laundry was spewing over the top of our hamper, toothpaste lining the sink, etc. You get the point. I grabbed myself a nice tall glass of Crown Royal and went to my backyard, where I proceeded to sit and do nothing.

My husband and kids returned home a few hrs later and I chuckled to myself as they stopped dead in the doorway, looked at the mess and then back at me. My husband says “Hunny, I have my boss coming for dinner tonight. Did you forget?” So I said, “Nope, what are you making for dinner?” He just sort of looked at me but I think he realized what was going on and went in to start cooking dinner. My daughter lost it. She’s like “How am I supposed to have my boyfriend come over to a house looking like this?” So I said “Hmm, good question. Maybe you should cancel.” My oldest son (bless his heart) said “Melanie, we can easily clean the house. It’s obvious that mum needs a break”. He went in and cleaned the entire house but not in time for my husband’s boss to show up and see our home in disarray. My daughter’s boyfriend also saw the house in shambles and looked disgusted. My daughter started crying and saying I embarrassed her and she will never forgive me.

Did I go too far here? I think maybe, because it was petty and bad timing but I was tired of not being helped.

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