Mother Talks About Her Baby Born During The Tough Time 2020.

Story by Jordan Morgan

My 2020 baby, you turn one here soon.

You didn’t see a restaurant until seven months old. You’re still scared of people with facial hair. You don’t like to ride in the car because you haven’t ever really had to.

Your first year of life was full of all the normal first year milestones, it was just that no one was around to see them. You still learned, grew, developed, and flourished. You taught me that independence, resilience, and strength can come from even the tiniest of people.

Your first year of life was a whirlwind. It was simultaneously the longest and shortest year of my life. You found your voice amongst all the silence, your determination within the loneliness, and your love within the people closest to you.

My 2020 baby, your first year has set the stage for all your years to come. You can do anything, sweet baby. Even when everything is stacked against you.

Your first year proved it.

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