Mother Wakes Up From Coma After Two Months To The News Of Her Husband And Daughter Dying, Leaving Her All Alone

Having your family by your side is the most precious present someone can get. Realizing you have them is a remedy for all of life’s agony and grief. A lady who believed she was waking up to her loved ones was confronted with a terrible truth.

Lisa Dallow was traveling in New Zealand with her husband and their teen daughter when a volcano explosion on December 9, 2019 tore them apart. Dallow was placed in a medically induced coma for two months as a result of the tragedy.

When the mother awoke, she found she was alone. Lisa was being treated for burns at Melbourne’s Alfred Hospital when her relatives told her that her husband Gavin Dallow and 15-year-old daughter Zoe Hosking did not survive the disaster. The hardest aspect was that Lisa couldn’t remember what had happened. She went from being a happy mother with a small girl to being childless and a widow, which was painful.

She recalls it erupting and asking all to flee. She suddenly remembered how rocks were falling all over the place and striking her in the back. She recalls wondering, when are they going to arrive and save them? The next thing she realizes, she’s at the hospital, thinking where she was, a representative said.

The woman was stunned to hear the news, according to a family member. Things took a bit for it to set in, and then she just kept saying she can’t even imagine they died, the family explained.

Lisa’s father-in-law, Brian Dallow, informed the media that they took great care in informing her. They have to be careful what they say to her as she’s quite affected by what occurred and it’s pretty emotional, Dallow explained.

Nevertheless, her family stated that they had postponed Lisa’s daughter’s burial rituals in the hope that she would recover. They desired the mom to be present and have a voice in her daughter’s service because she had previously missed out on her husband’s service. However, because there were no signs of recovery, they chose to continue with the service.

Clearly, Lisa had no say in Gavin’s burial. So they [family] want her to have a say in what she wants for Zoe, even if she won’t be able to attend, Lisa’s sister-in-law Meredith Dallow stated. She added that it means she hasn’t been able to attend her husband’s or Zoe’s funeral. She can only watch the video.

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