Mother Wants Help After This Happened To Her Daughter At School.

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So my daughter is in 4th grade and is 10 years old. She got to school yesterday and started to feel sick. She realized by 9am and was just entering music class. She asked her teacher if she could go to the bathroom and the teacher replied with no, because she should have gone before she even got to her classroom. So my daughter went and sat back down.

A couple minutes in and she realized she was going to vomit.. so she asked the teacher again and told her she was going to throw up. This teacher told her to take the trash can in the hallway. My daughter proceeded to throw up and have a bowel movement at the exact same time right outside the classroom in a hallway where the kids in her class could hear and see.

I’m livid, do I have a right to be?

Here are my reasonings for feeling this way:

-Making a young child go into a hallway right outside the classroom with a trash can violates her privacy at the very least. Kids at this age are mean and could hear or see anything happening. Allowing them to bully her for the rest of the time in school for something that she could not control.

-Girls at this age in particular should not feel ashamed or scared to ask to go to the bathroom in lieu of life changes. What if she had started or something? Does she need to announce it to leave or are you just going to allow her to bleed through her pants?

-We now live in a brand new normal with Pandemic fading out, but one of the biggest symptoms being vomiting or nausea.

I don’t know what to think or say, all I know is watching my daughter cry in the car sitting next to me over something she had no control over that made my blood boil. What would you all do in my situation? If I decide to call the school, is there any advice you could give me for what to say or how to react? I don’t want to make her time harder or more embarrassing but I also want to stand up and protect my child. Help please.

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