Mother Was Amazed How Her 14 Yr Old Daughter Dealt When They Were Catcalled.

Source: Reddit

My daughter is 14 and has unfortunately started to attract the attention of men who should know better than to catcall children. The lewd stares and foul comments. It makes me so mad seeing her deal with the same exact bullshit from older men that I had to put up with at her age. Will this ever change?? They cop an earful from me when I’m with her so I always hope I’m setting the example so she knows it’s not right and she doesn’t have to accept it.

I was waiting for a train the other day with my daughter and her friend. The three of us have very different skin colours. This older man walking past commented, “hello ladies…mmmm chocolate, vanilla and caramel, my three favorite flavors”, then licked his lips at us. It was honestly comical how disgusting he sounded. Before I could say anything my daughter spoke up to him, “why would you talk to people like that? That’s gross. And we’re only 14 so that’s even more gross, are you a pedophile??” And the old man scuttled off looking pretty embarrassed. Hopefully to go home and rethink his behavior.

But I am so proud of her. At that age I’d have been way too awkward and shy to speak up like that. I’m glad she feels strong enough to stand up for herself, but so sad that she has to at all.

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