Mother Who Lost Son In Shop Says That All Parents Should Know ‘Looking Loudly’ Technique.

Losing a child in a crowded place is a traumatic experience and that could create an instant panic and worry and it can be difficult to think with a clear head in such situations. However, a mother has shared a genius way to try to locate your child in the most crowded of places and it is called the ‘looking loudly’ technique.

The mother who once experienced the horror of losing her child in a supermarket has revealed her top tips for finding a missing child.  

The mother, named Jess, took it to TikTok to discuss the ‘looking loudly’ technique which helped her find her son the day he wandered off in the supermarket and now she wants all parents to do the same.

Jess explained that if you are at an amusement park, zoo or mall and you look around and your child is no longer with you, what needs to be done is start loudly looking for them. She further explained that you should not start just silently looking for them but you want to look loudly instead.

And what she mean by that is one should start shouting the descriptions of the missing child while you look around. One need to sound like: I’m looking for a boy, age five, short brown hair, brown eyes, Caucasian, red Nike T-shirt, black shorts, black shoes.

This will help and one have got every single person who’s around looking for the missing child instead of just you and most probably somebody finds your child and they return them to you.

If it was a worst case scenario and someone had taken the child, this increases their chances of simply letting them go after hearing everyone immediately looking for them and knowing exactly what they look like.

Jess said that one may feel look stupid but it is so much better to look stupid than to be sorry. The mother went on to share a few more tips which included dressing up children in bright matching colours so they’ll be easy to spot while out in public.

Jess also suggested taking photos of the children before taking them out so one have pictures to show people exactly what they look like on that particular day and as well as writing your phone number on your kids’ arms.

It’s absolutely terrifying to even think of your child going missing in any circumstances. These tips could make a real difference in the event of anything happening.

Sharing this wouldn’t cost you anything but might help someone.

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