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Mother With Small Kids Begs For Help But Gets Ignored, Then Hears Tap On Window.

Tawny Nelson, a single Florida mother of four, was trapped in the middle of the night in the pouring rain with her four young girls when her vehicle broke down. Hundreds of people passed by while the frantic young mother cried for assistance, but no one stopped. Tawny, feeling defeated, had a breakdown. What transpired next, though, prompted her to contact her local news station.

Tawny said that she has four wonderfully gorgeous young children, ages 9, 5, 2, and 6 weeks, and that things have been very difficult for her since her ex left. Her sole mode of transportation had a slew of issues, including a flat tyre that required continuous airing and a broken motor for the driver’s side window. A new alternator belt was also required.

Tawny said that the truck was a complete mess. She didn’t drive somewhere unless she had to, although she was forced to on occasion. That was the situation the night she broke down. Tawny gathered up her kids and went to the nearby Winn Dixie, a nine-block drive away, in dire need of a trip to the grocery. She returned her children to the vehicle and loaded the groceries after getting the necessary.

As mom went into the driver’s seat, it was dark and rainy. She made an effort to crank it but received “nothing.” She instantly realised one of her daughters had left a light on by mistake, and her battery was dead. The young mom’s phone had also been disconnected, leaving her stranded with a non-starting vehicle and no means to contact for assistance. But she didn’t have much of a family to begin with.

Tawny Nelson was alone. She got out and opened her hood to make sure her battery wasn’t loose, she said, but it was just dead. She had no other choice except to approach people going by. She must have requested more than twenty people for a jump in the course of two hours. They were all ignoring her, she said. They didn’t even offer her a “no,” but rather pretended she didn’t exist.

Then things deteriorated worse. Her 5-year-old began to cry, her infant began to wail, and her two-year-old shouted because she was hungry. As her oldest attempted to assist her siblings, the mother hit her breaking point. Tawny said that she was bawling and felt like the worst Mom ever. She then saw a knock on the passenger window.

Tawny glanced up to find a 74-year-old guy standing outside with a cane and a terrible limp. The old guy gave her a plate of chicken strips and biscuits from the deli, as well as several bottles of water, as she answered the door. ”Feed those babies and yourself, young lady,” he instructed. ”I’m sending a tow truck, and my wife will be there shortly to take you home.”

The mother and her children, as well as her car, were quickly transported home. But it wasn’t the last Tawny saw of the elderly guy who had come to her aid while everyone else had turned a blind eye. Tawny expressed that the next morning, the gentleman returned to her house with a mechanic who replaced her battery and alternator as well as fixed her window. When she questioned how much she owed and if she could make installments, the mechanic laughed and said the elderly gentleman had already paid.

This is Tawny Nelson with three of her four kids. She just told me about what happened to her in Florida. And how a 74…

Posted by Frank Somerville on Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Tawny Nelson wanted to express he gratitude, but the old guy had already departed and did not return. But he had left a note for her with the technician. The elder man’s sole request was that Tawny never lose up and continue to be a great mother. She continued that she has never cried so hard in her life, she reflected on that emotional experience. Everything had been terrible. More than she had like to explain.

Tawny said that without knowing them or their circumstances, this kind man helped them in ways he will never know. She definitely hope one day she can do for someone else what he did for her, she continued, describing how he restored her faith while she was losing it. Tawney Nelson shared her story in the hopes that it may encourage those who are suffering to recognise that angels will come when one least expect them, as well as motivate people to be the angel someone else is asking for.

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