Mother Writes Honestly About Her Barefoot, Brave And Beautiful Girl.

Story by Mehr Lee

I wanna be that girl! She’s not what you think… She’s got dirty feet. Tattered clothing. A mouth you’d shake your head at. And hair as unruly as her attitude.

If you saw her at any given moment, you might think she’s a product of neglect. She’s not. She likes playing dress up, trying on my makeup, and shooting videos of herself baking insta-worthy cupcakes.

You might think she’s a diva. She’s not. She likes whipping around the streets on her dirt bike and balling on the curbside basketball net.

You might think she’s a tomboy. She’s not. She likes cuddling up with her mama and doting on her little cousins at family gatherings. She coos at puppies, and cries during sad movies.

You might think she’s a softy. She’s not. She likes throwing elbows when she meets an aggressor on the field and spitting back trash to a wordy opponent.

You might think she’s a brute. She’s not. She sleeps late. Walks slow. And takes her time for every chore.

You might think she’s lazy. She’s not. She’s loud in her opinions. Honest in her words. And straightforward in telling you all her wants.

You might think she’s rude. She’s not. She’s all girl. And she’ll make you question all that you think a girl should be.

Let me introduce you to a girl who IS not, WILL not, conform to what anyone dares to think of her. She walks her own path, on her own time, in her way.

She’s wholeheartedly a creation of her own ideals. Simply. Honestly. Unapologetically. Her.

And I’m never going to tell her what I think she is, what I think she should be, other than a girl of her own choosing at any given moment.

That’s the best part of being a strong girl.

Knowing that no matter what other’s might think of you, you have the right to be all that YOU think you are without the restriction of a given label.

That’s how to Raise Her Wild. Barefoot. Brave. And Beautiful! She is everything I’ve always wanted to be!

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