Mother Yells At The Receptionist For Saving Her Daughter’s Life.

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So, working as night manager at a largish hotel where we had four overnight staff :myself (MOD), a cleaner / houseman, the night auditor, and a security guard. The guard’s duty is to continuously to walk the (more than 8 less than 12 floors) for noise incidents.

Our hotel is very close to a plaza that is FILLED with bars, including a very sketchy country bar known for over-serving and not checking IDs (this is Canada, legal drinking age 19 for reference).

We see 3-4 ladies in their late 40s and a younger girl barely legal (we later find out the daughter of one of the older ladies) leave shortly after 11, dressed for the country bar for sure. I thought it was a little weird to go clubbing with your mom and her friends but whatever, you do you.

Just before 1 am the younger girl and one of the older ladies returns. Its pretty obvious the younger girl is quite drunk but they are being quiet so I don’t hassle them on their way to the elevators. 20ish minutes later the older lady is heading back out to party with her friends. Another 20ish minutes and we get a call from the security guard that a woman is passed out on the floor in the hallway, could I go up to back him up.

I head up to the floor in question and sure enough, slumped against a room door is the young lady from earlier. She is unresponsive to our verbal commands and then she starts throwing up on herself. We roll her (we have medical gloves on at this point, thank god we keep them on us at all times) into the recovery position and call an ambulance.

While waiting for the Ambulance the mother and her friends return to their rooms. We inform the mother that we called an ambulance for her unconscious, unresponsive daughter, who is throwing up on herself and she starts SCREAMING! How DARE we call an ambulance? What are they going to think? Her husband is a first responder and will find out! She is going to sue us!

Now, the houseman arrives with the EMTs who start making sure the young woman can breath and load her onto a stretcher to take her to the hospital. One of them does in fact know the mother and that is when we find out the daughter is only 16!!!!

He looked at her and told her she better call her husband. She goes off with the ambulance crew, crying.

That is, by far, the weirdest / most stressful night of my several years working in a hotel.

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