Motherless Georgia Boy, 11, Is Hit by a Car – Has to Sell Lemonade to Help Pay Medical Bills

Make lemonade when life tosses you lemons! Teddy Counihan, 11, of Locust Grove, Georgia, is doing just that. Not only did he discover how to rise above his circumstances and retain a cheerful attitude, but he is also bringing joy to others by selling chilled summer lemonade beverages in front of his house.

Teddy and his father demonstrate the power of unity and optimism. They have also earned the hearts of the people of Locust Grove. The community agreed that the Counihans produced something good out of a bad circumstance.

Teddy Counihan led a relatively regular existence until it all came crashing down around him. He lost his mom in October of last year. Theodore, the 11-year-old’s adoring father, looked after him.

Teddy did not lose his childhood as a result of his mother’s death, thanks to his dad’s dedication to parenthood. He rode his bike while maintaining his upbeat demeanor.

Sadly, another calamity struck the family this year. The small youngster was seriously injured in an accident near their house.

Teddy’s accident happened just after Mother’s Day. The 11-year-old was riding his bike 36 miles from home when he was hit by a female driver’s automobile.

Theodore claims that the collision was nearly deadly. Since the bike got trapped up under the front of the car, she hit him hard, he explained.

Fortunately, he did not die, but after Teddy was transported to the hospital, reports revealed that he had been severely hurt. The young man suffered a fracture, multiple shattered bones, and road rash as a result of the accident.

Regardless of the outcome, Theodore was delighted to have his kid alive. It’s been a sequence of events for sure, he says, and he is pleased his son is here with them.

Teddy, on the other hand, has been actively attempting to recuperate. Although he will not be riding this summer, the pre-teen is keen to reclaim his old posture and walks around the home on a regular basis. Teddy disclosed that he is still a little uncomfortable from going around all day.

Teddy’s wounds have necessitated therapy since the tragedy, and the family admits that it is costly to keep up with the expenses. So, in June, they established a GoFundMe Page to help with medical expenditures.

With everything going on, one would think an 11-year-old would be unconcerned with the hospital costs, but Teddy was very mindful of the strain it placed on his father, so he decided to sell a famous drink! He claims that they needed to come up with a creative way to raise funds for the medical costs.

Following Teddy’s conviction, he and his father decided to set up a stand in front of their house, complete with the sign “LEMONADE” hung beneath a canopy. This offers a cool location for the salespeople, a father and son who frequently sit next to the massive food warmers carrying the drink.

Many contributors have donated to their cause since the fundraising account was launched in June. Everybody, from neighborhood members to visitors, seemed to be sympathetic to the young youngster.

Two hundred and thirty-eight people have donated around $15,238; more continue to provide daily support through their comments. Patrick Haig, CEO of Goodbill, who donated lately, stated in the comments section:

“Hi Teddy, sorry to hear you’re having such a rough time. We’re proud of you for staying strong and (literally) making lemonade when life gives you lemons. As CEO of Goodbill, I want to personally offer to review your hospital bills free of charge.”

Teddy’s lemonade, therefore, is creating history in his community. Residents and cops admire his bravery and appreciate his work ethic, particularly the time he spent creating the perfect summer cooling drink.

People from outside Locust Grove were also drawn to the story. “I noticed it on my phone,” Joe List explained. “I told you it was only around the corner, so let’s go.”


In 2019, the world also learned about Virgil Garrison, Lindsay’s loving husband and father to two gorgeous children, Hunter, 12, and Julia, 10.

Virgil was injured in an accident in 2012. While he appeared to be in good health on the surface, he admitted that he had been plagued with unpleasant symptoms since then. His wife claims that they have  been together longer than they haven’t, and she noticed he didn’t move the same way as she went out the door one day. He was quite robotic.

Virgil went on to say that he saw a number of doctors who were unable to locate the problem. This caused him emotional stress and disrupted his regimen. For instance, he couldn’t fly since the pressure injured his head.

Lindsay identified the CSF fluid leak after months of study and matched the signs to what her spouse was suffering. The family started exploring for methods to transport Virgil to Duke University Medical Center in North Carolina for a correct diagnosis.

Firstly, they established a GoFundMe page, to which numerous individuals contributed. Hunter and Julia, his children, who had launched a lemonade shop to save money for their piercings, started selling the beverages to raise funds for their father’s medical care. Hunter humorously stated that they  were aware of his issues and were waiting for him to improve, but they became bored of it. So they decided to keep the lemonade stand going to gather money for him, and by the time it occurred, it had only pulled the community, Cape Coral, closer together.

Virgil was amazed by his children’s compassion. In a vulnerable state, the father of two admitted that it  motivates him to improve so that he can care for them. They certainly showed that they can transform lemons into lemonade.

Certainly, Teddy, Hunter, and Julia demonstrate that there are no dead ends in life, just possibilities to enhance one’s condition. Of course, you can only feel that way if you make that choice.

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