Mother’s Feeling About Her Special Child Will Brighten Up Your Day.

Story by Jillian Benfield

Even if you never go viral by making the winning basket or by standing on homecoming court, I will love you.

Even if you never make it to college and earn a diploma to hang on your office wall, I will be proud of you.

Even if you never master the art of language or never move away from home, I will relish in your life.

Even if. Even if. Even if.

My child, there is nothing on the end of that phrase that could make you less valuable to me.

The world will have you believe your worth comes from your accomplishments, but hear me on this: you are worthy because you are loved and because you love others.

Don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t mean I won’t push you to do some of the things above. I will be at your back, nudging you to move beyond the boundaries of comfort, to go further than you think you can. But your worth is not attached to your resume.

You are worthy because you are here. I love you now for all you are. I will love you for all you become. Even if.

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