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Mugger On Parole For Attempted Robbery Dies After 2 Men He Tried To Rob With Fake Gun Turned The Tables On Him With Martial Arts

Robert Compton, a 33-year-old man out on parole for attempted robb

Robert Compton, a 33-year-old man on parole for attempted theft, reportedly approached two men on Staten Island at 1:55 a.m. on a Sunday with the intent of robbing them. The men were heading home from a pub near Pacific Avenue and St. Albans Place in the Eltingville area when Compton allegedly instructed them to “give me all your sh*t.” Compton, though, would receive far more than he asked for.

Despite the fact that Compton seemed to be armed, his intended victims fought back, employing martial arts to protect themselves. One of the guys took Compton’s gun, which proved to be a forgery. They battled with Compton and restrained him. One of the men approached Compton from behind, grabbed him around the neck, and dragged him to the ground, while the other dialed 911. Compton passed out during the battle.

Officers arrived on the scene and began CPR on Compton. He robbed them at gunpoint, one of the men informed cops who arrived. Compton and the two men he reportedly tried to rob were all sent to Staten Island University Hospital North. The robbery suspect died while the two guys who flipped the tables on Compton were treated for minor injuries.

Robert Compton had an extensive criminal past, involving grand theft and attacking a police officer, it was subsequently learned. He was sentenced to almost four years in jail for attempted theft before being released. Despite his dubious history, Compton’s family had reservations. They couldn’t figure out why he died during a robbery attempt with a phony pistol.

It seems like it should be looked into more thoroughly, Compton’s cousin George Pirola stated. So, why didn’t the two guys just hold him down and call 911? he inquired. He is experienced in martial arts; his wife is as well, and one knows when someone passes out and you let it go at that point, Pirola explained.

It didn’t seem correct to him. According to what he read, two martial arts guys knocked the pistol out of his grasp and then strangled him unconscious. But they strangled him to death. They practically murdered the kid after they choked him out, Pirola said, referring to his 33-year-old cousin as “the youngster.” Pirola seemed to think Compton’s criminal background was unimportant. He’s got some scratches, Pirola said, adding hastily, but nothing like that. He can’t imagine him attempting something like that.

Of course, every tale has two sides, and in this case, the opposing side claims it was certainly a self-defense action. Their  clients, two hardworking young guys, were the victims of a terrible armed robbery by a professional criminal, said Louis Gelormino, the men’s attorney. They “We appreciate that the District Attorney’s Office and the NYPD conducted a comprehensive investigation into this incident. Their hearts go out to the deceased’s family.

Richard Vitale, a neighbor of one of the men involved, stated he knew him since he was a small child, and labeled him a stand-up man, seeming to lend credence to that version of the story. He heard a report that he studied karate, Vitale said. He’s sociable and has a lot of friends. He gets along well with everyone. He’d be the last person he’d suspect would be involved in this, he stated, defending his pal. Vitale feels that his neighbor was in the “wrong location” at the “wrong moment.”

While I understand why the tale may not “add up” for Robert Compton’s family, who want to remember their loved one in a positive way and feel the guys might have “stopped” and saved his life, there is a rational, scientific, and non-malicious justification: Adrenaline and fear. Although it is unknown whether the intended victims discovered the pistol was a forgery, it was aimed at them and threatened them. And one never understands how they will behave in a “fight or flight” scenario.

When you start fighting for your life, it’s difficult to turn off the adrenaline coursing through your body. At the time, your main idea was to safeguard your own life. As a result, there is an important lesson to be gained here. When you brandish a weapon, whether fake or genuine, you will almost certainly elicit the desired reaction – making your intended target feel intimidated because they believe it is real. What you might not expect is how hard some people would struggle to stay alive — and it appears that Robert Compton learned the hard way.

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