Mum ‘burst into tears’ after teacher mocks her son’s name saying it’s for dogs

Trying to come up with the perfect baby name is not an easy task, and many people underestimate how tough it can be. There are hundreds of baby name alternatives to choose from, and there is a lot to consider before picking on one. However, not everyone was delighted with the name they chose. Scroll down to read the story and share your thoughts on the issue.

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My sister is extremely family oriented and spent the entire summer getting her 4yr old ready for school. He was also excited about going to school, he really enjoyed nursery school and made a lot of friends (who he always speaks about and wants to hang out with after school).

Like all parents, she took him out to get his new school, his uniform (so expensive) and let him pick out his lunch box. Anyway, he really enjoyed his first week of school and made some new friends (he already knew a good few because we live in a small village) and he said he really liked his new teacher.

However, I picked him up from school yesterday because my sister had a dentist appointment (she usually would have changed this but since they’re so hard to come by i said i would pick him up, no problem). I collected him along with my older children (in year 3 and year 6). As I am always waiting around for my year 6 to stop talking to her friends, almost everybody from the playground had already gone home. Everybody was now with their parents and the teachers had gone back inside the classroom. but they left the door and windows open and i could just about hear their conversation. I overheard them talking about the children in their classrooms and whether any of them are ‘bad’, and I overheard my nephew’s teacher say ‘no but one of mine has a dog’s name’. The other teacher asked what it was and she said Benji – speaking about my nephew. I was in shock and disgusted! Thankfully, i dont think he was paying any attention and didn’t hear them.

When I got to my sister’s house, I told her straight away and she burst out into tears. She is now thinking about going in and speaking to the head about it. But she is not at all confrontational so she is still in two minds about this. She is distraught. I feel so bad for her” What Should We Do? 

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