Mum Cradles Her 18-Year-Old Son As He Take His Last Breath After He Stepped In To Protect His Family.

It is hard to envisage how extreme one would go when it comes to protecting their family and precious ones. But then 18-year-old brave Hussain Chaudhry went on to give his life for his family. Hussain stepped in to defend the family he treasured so dearly and sadly it cost him his life.

Hussain, kind and decent by nature was attending university in London to study and additionally helped his family with their home-run occupation. The family sold designer jackets on the road outside their home in Walthamstow, England.

On that ill-fated day, Hussain was managing the stall along with his mother and brother when two teenagers came to steal the designer jackets. He was trying to stop them from getting away.

An attacker stabbed both Hussain’s mother and brother but the fearless Hussain was the one to take the worst of the attack while trying to guard his family. The knife hit him in the neck and he lay bleeding in his mother’s lap.

He said her mother to call an ambulance and not to worry about his condition. Unfortunately, 18-year-old Hussain Chaudhry breathes his last before the ambulance reached. His cradled in his mother’s arms and died protecting the family he loved.

Hussain’s valour is being highly praised throughout the community but the ridiculous nature of the act of violence is heart-wrenching.

Hussain’s older sister wrote in his tribute that her brother left this world the same way he came in, embraced in her mother’s arms. His eyes were sunny, his face showed no agony and he was at absolute peace.  Her young brother has lost his life in defending his family.  

Thoughts and prayers remain with the family he loved and died for. May the family find peace and comfort at this awful time!

Unfortunately ruthless things take place to good people in this world. But the almighty won’t forget the martyr that Hussain has made in guarding his family and that brings ease.

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