Mum with 400 tattoo and face implants told she’ll never get married by trolls

Despite what society thinks, a mother of two with silicone implants on her face, expanded nostrils, and over 400 tattoos believes she is lovely.

Sarah Anthony Martin, 35, of Denmark, got her first piercing when she was 10 and her first tattoo when she was 16. She is now a qualified body piercing specialist, and she encourages others to make whatever changes they wish to their bodies and to reject current beauty norms.

Sarah stated that she has been piercing her body for about 20 years and has probably been pierced 400 times. She acquired piercings, appreciated them for a time, then had a new idea and removed them.

Her nostrils have been punched and extended to about 13mm, her lip has been stretched, and she has six subdermal implants. She had more, but this is all she has got for the meantime.

One of the most unpleasant operations she had was scarification on her face. It wasn’t fun since she had to stay silent and lay quite motionless, making it difficult to control her breathing.

Sarah’s favorite alteration is a silicone barbell implant on her right hand. She stated that it represents her work and her enthusiasm, and how she is proud of her career. This is how she supports her family and pays her bills. She was always taught that one couldn’t do that as a body piercer, therefore this implant represents everything she enjoys about what she does.

Sarah remembers being captivated by tattoos at an early age after seeing her great-sailor grandad’s artwork on his arms. Her family, however, has not always been appreciative of her choices, with her mother voicing anxiety when she got her hands inked in her twenties.

Her family eventually accepted her body art, and Sarah currently gets a new ink every time she meets someone who has an influence on her.

She describes herself as a “human picture book,” and she informs her daughters, Sailor, nine, and Rebel, six, about each of her alterations. She remarked that her kids think nothing of it. Her looks were the first thing they noticed, so it’s not something they talk about much. Her water broke at the piercing store with Sailor, so they’ve always been around this.

While the mother has to deal with negative remarks about her looks that imply she will never marry, she blows them aside and celebrates her features.

She stated that there is a lot of pressure on women to appear a specific way, and your value is determined by how well you fit into a generalization.

In the event that you don’t fit, you’re not viewed as sufficient. Individuals assume she is doing something radical, but she is not. At the very least, it shouldn’t be radical to live one’s life as one sees fit.

Sarah says she’s now in a position to appreciate what she sees in the mirror after years of feeling awkward in her own skin, and she won’t allow anybody else to pull her down.

She remarked she is no less of a woman or a human since she does not fit into a specific beauty ideal. She wants to spread the notion that individuals can have piercings and still have a profession, a family, and be a nice individual.

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