‘My baby boy was taken by social services – then murdered by the woman trying to adopt him’

Leiland-James Corkill was born on December 2019 and he was only 2 days old when he was separated from his biological mother Laura Corkill.  

The mother was able to see her son at a council-run contact centre 4 times in a week for hour-and-a-half for few initial months.

The contact centre was closed due to the pandemic and the mother was left to see her son via video for the couple of months. The infant was placed in the attention of foster mother Laura Castle and her partner Scott Castle in August of that year but pass away in January next year.

The foster mother imprisoned for life with a minimum term of 18 years in May this year after being found guilty of his killing and child brutality.

While talking openly for the first time, Ms Corkill said that she received a phone call on 6 January that Leiland was in hospital. She was being informed that the infant had an accident and that he was in critical condition.

Ms Corkill did not get any information about the hospital where her son was admitted and she got to know only after 24 hours that was Liverpool Alder Hey Hospital. Sadly, Leiland was already gone by the time she reached to the hospital.

In a statement during the murder trial at Preston Crown Court, Ms Corkill called Castle a monster.

The court got to know that Leighland-James was taken into care at birth before he was permitted to live with his future adoptive parents from August 2020.

The Castles had been nominated by an adoption panel succeeding an application procedure supervised by Cumbria Children’s Services Department.

Apprehensions were raised in November 2020, after Laura Castle said that she did not love Leiland-James and was not able to connect with the infant. Anxieties continued about the dearth of emotional tie and an evaluation by social services was set happen in the new year.

When investigators inspected the Castles’ mobile phones subsequent their detention, they found offensive text messages for the infant. Castle also messaged on numerous times that she had leathered Leiland-James.

Castle called up an ambulance on 6 January 2021 and informed that Leiland-James had fall down off a sofa, injured his head and was struggling to respire.

Though, doctors raised apprehensions as the degree of his injuries did not match Castle’s explanation. She later altered her explanation and said that she had shaken the infant after he did not stop crying and that he bumped his head on the arm-rest of a day bed before falling on to the ground.

Health specialists told the court that the amount of power needed to cause Leiland-James’ injuries would have been severe and probably a mixture of shaking and hitting with a hard surface. Prosecuting attorney said Castle killed the infant out of anger and shattered his head against a piece of furniture.

Cumbria County Council said Ms Corkill was updated thrice of their intent to take away Leiland-James from her care as part of a long-lasting strategy, but the mother claims she was only given approval when the social worker was taking her son from the hospice.

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