My best friend won’t come to my wedding because I’m marrying a white man

A wedding is often regarded as one of the most important occasions in a person’s life. It is a special occasion that you want to share with your family and loved ones, which involves your best buddy. What if your best buddy refuses to attend the wedding? In this narrative, there is a similar instance. Scroll down to find out what occurred at the wedding and what you would do in a similar circumstance.

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Context is probably needed. 

Me(23F) and my best friend(23F) are black. My fiance(24M) is a white guy from Ireland. We met while he was at school here(Atlanta). 

We’ve both been in Ireland for 3 months with his family, our wedding is in a month. 

Now to my friend: 

A week ago I received a message from her saying “I’m really sorry, but I don’t think I’ll be able to come. I’ve been thinking this for a while but I just don’t like that your boyfriend is white” 

I asked her to explain further and she said “he’s just like every white guy and is only with you because you’re black” and we haven’t spoken much since. 

This has come as a huge surprise. She’s always been accepting of him, even seemed like they were good friends, there was never any awkwardness with them. 

It isn’t a flying over here thing. His family is paying for everyone’s tickets and accommodation. 

It just sucks. 

I would have loved for her to be here, but she comes out of nowhere with that, it just doesn’t seem like her. 

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