“My Boss Implied That I Need Her Permission To Do Things On My Days Off”

When you start a new job, it’s normal to want to put your best foot forward and highlight your strongest attributes. However, work cultures — and supervisors — differ greatly, and although some appreciate and respect your efforts and commitment, others manage to show zero gratitude for your loyalty to the firm, the supervisor, or both. Read the entire story and provide your thoughts in the comments on this manager’s unrealistic demands.

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My(F20) manager only hires young people and I believe it’s because she likes to boss us around. She’s on some type of power high.

I am a part time cashier, but she has me working 35+ hours a week, usually 5 days a week. I’m normally scheduled Monday-Thursday, but she always asks me to come in on Fridays because a teenage cashier keeps requesting time off and she refuses to say no to them. She’s scheduled me Monday-Thursday for the next 4 weeks, but that’s not going to happen.

Earlier today, she came up to me and asked if I could work this upcoming Friday and on the 29th. I said yes to Friday, but said I wasn’t sure about Saturday. She then said that I have to inform her of any plans I have made on my days off. She said that if I make plans on a Saturday, even if it’s my scheduled day off, I still need to tell her. She also asked for a few weeks notice if possible.

She’s nuts.


My bad guys. I’m 20, she’s in her late 40’s!!

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