“My Boyfriend, Half Awake, Expresses Love, Compliments, And Kisses Me Every Time He Wakes Up In The Middle Of The Night”

Source: Reddit

I’m (25f) a pretty light sleeper and have struggled with insomnia for the last 4ish years so whenever my boyfriend (25m) of almost two years wakes up/moves around/snores in the middle of the night, I wake up pretty easily.

Every time he’s woken up to use the bathroom, get water, or simply just to get comfy in a different position, he’s looked at me and has said, “I love you,” kissed me, or tell me how great I am in some way in. Sometimes even all three. He then immediately falls back asleep. Sometimes he doesn’t even remember when I ask him in the morning.

Last night he woke up and mumbled, “you are smart, loving, and beautiful.” Insomnia and depression/anxiety can get super defeating and isolating at times, but when he does that, everything seems to not matter anymore and I feel safe. I’m so happy to be with him.

Just wanted to share that there are really good people out there that will love you and find ways to tell you—even when they might be asleep.

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