“My Daughter Asked For The Day After Pill And I’m Proud Of Her.”

The word sex seems to be a taboo especially in front of our parents. Since according to parents they make it feel as an embarrassment or a sin to talk. However, it’s very rare where a child is freely discussion about sexual matters. Here is a refreshing and wonderful story of a mother-daughter where they talk openly about anything and everything without being scared.

Source: Reddit

My daughter(16) and her boyfriend(16) had an oops where the condom broke and she asked me for the day after pill. I’m really proud of her for being brave enough to ask, and I’m also really proud of myself for creating an open relationship where she isn’t scared to tell me things.

When I was teenager I would have just prayed (and probably made sacrifices to lol) to the gods that I wasn’t pregnant and wouldn’t have said a word to my mom. I would have been grounded and she would have flipped out.

I did this. I don’t know if I ever had a prouder moment and it’s a weird circumstance.

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