“My Ex Just Told Me To “Get A Damn Boyfriend” So Our Daughter Will Stop Hating Going To His Place.”

Being a single mom is not easy. They do face criticism, judgement and discrimination. But don’t feel guilty since you know what’s best for you and your child. Just follow your heart and intuition. (This story was sent to us by Brooklyn).

Source: Reddit

My heart hurts. I just had to pry my 11yo daughter’s arms from around me while she cried “Don’t make me go!”

I sat her dad down (not for the first time) to tell him why she’s upset and doesn’t want to go to his place. There’s no one strong reason. She’s jealous of his girlfriend whom he just moved in with, she says she’s bored there, that her dad doesn’t understand her and that she feels like her soul is sucked out of her when she’s there.

I tried to be as gentle and diplomatic as I could in explaining to him what’s going on with her (and it’s not new news). I get that it’s hard to hear. And that is frustrating. But…

His response? “I wish you’d just get a damn boyfriend.”

It hurt. I’ve been single for almost 7 years. I’ve dated, had my heart broken, given up a million times, and eventually come to the conclusion that I’m much MUCH happier by myself. But it’s hard sometimes. I’m not living in my home country and cultural and language issues factor in. I get lonely. But I’ve made my life here work and I’m proud of everything I’ve achieved.

I’ve always put everything I have into being the best mom for my daughter when she’s with me. Dating, whatever it looks like at whatever time, has been something for the weeks when she’s with her dad. I love her so much and I love our time together. And he wants me to take that from her and turn my attention to some dude so she doesn’t have it quite so good at my place??

I don’t know. The whole thing just has me feeling so sh**ty and I just needed to get it off my chest somewhere.

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