‘My kids won’t be embarrassed by my unique face tattoo – I’m a cool mum’

It would be a dull world if we all appeared the same, yet sadly, there are many individuals who feel forced to cast judgment on the looks of others.

This is particularly true in the case of mother shaming, with some individuals having narrow-minded and outmoded beliefs about what a mother “ought to ” look like, regardless of her own unique style.

One mother has stepped up to combat such judgmental attitudes, replying to others who urge her to consider what her children would think of her artistic ink in the future.
Alexandra Jenssen, a mother and artist with a line tattoo going from her lower lip to her neck, recently released a video with her TikTok fans explaining her viewpoints regarding this situation.

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Alexandra, who goes under the handle @alexandrajenssen, commented in a video of herself peacefully snuggling her baby: “When people say mothers shouldn’t get tattoos! What do you suppose your children will think?”
Alexandra responded with a hard one-fingered salute, “That they have cooler parents than you have!”

Many of her followers praised her viewpoint, with one mother stating, “The one thing mothers should not do is not love their children, nothing else counts.”
Another person stated: “Tattoos are unimportant to children. They are content as long as their fundamental requirements are addressed, such as warmth, affection, food, water, milk, and so on “..

Others have stated that having a tattooed parent has a variety of advantages, including teaching children the vital lesson that “everyone is unique.”

Alexandra reacted in a follow-up video to someone who misinterpreted her video, assuming she meant that having tattoos would simply make a parent cool.

Alexandra explained, the idea is that her kids would probably think she is cooler than the person making that statement because she does not judge people based on how they appear.

She doesn’t make s***** remarks to somebody she doesn’t know since they have a line on their face.

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